Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation

Find the right hydraulic bolt tensioner for your need

Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation App will assist you in selecting the right hydraulic bolt tensioning tool for your standard flange application, or enquire for specialized tooling. 

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Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation is a free app and what makes it different from similar apps on the market is the speed, ease of use and ability to save all the calculations against a project. But also the possibility to make a request for a special tensioner or enquire about your selections directly in the app.



  • Easily save multiple calculations in the app.
  • Send inquiries regarding the tools directly from the app.
  • Complete a custom tool request including uploading photos, drawings and CAD files. 

Saving the application to your mobile device:


  1. Tap the Share button on the menu bar
  2. Tap on Add to Home Screen
  3. Enter a name for the shortcut "Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation" then tap on Add in the upper-right corner to add to your home screen


  1. Download it from Google Play on your device


  1. Tap the menu button of the browser and tap Add to the home screen
  2. Enter a name for the shortcut "Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation" and then it will be added to your home screen

Try Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation App now

How to use the Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation App?

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