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Installation Instructions - First Fit

Stepped Pin


Following these instructions will ensure that the Expander System is installed correctly and the pivot life is prolonged.

Produce a smarter machine with Expander System!
Whatever your application this is the perfect pivot pin from the first installation.
Contact your dealer or Expander System before proceeding if you have any questions.


1 Bolt. 2 Washer. 3 Sleeve. 4 Axle (Pin).

The picture shows a female axel but the principle is the same for other designs.


These instructions are valid for lug holes with following maximum tolerances:
Hole tolerances: H9 according to ISO 286-2.
Lug hole inner surface roughness: Ra 3.2.
Missalignment of lugs: Outer lug distance/500.
If your lugs are outside these specifications please consult Expander System for best installation procedure.

There should be no bushings in the lug ears.



Grease the sleeves and axle, preferably graphite grease.

NOTE! If applicable: position greasing outlet 90 degrees to force direction to minimize stress concentration at outlet.


The spacer is always positioned on the opposite side of the stepped part of the axle. If the pivot already has a spacer, leave it in its position. If the Expander System includes a spacer, place it between the inner sphere of the bearing and the lug ear, with the bevel facing the bearing.


Insert the axle. Install the sleeve, washer and fastener on the side with small axle diameter. Press on the axle end with large diameter until the axial play is eliminated. Tighten the fastener with torque as specified.


Install sleeve, washer and fastener on the side with large axle diameter. Tighten the fastener with torque as specified.

Torque recommendations


Hex Bolts

Torques M12-M24 ± 10%, M30... +30/-0%

  M12 M14 M16 M20 M24 M30 M36 M42
Nm 70 115 175 350 500 600 700 900
lb-ft 52 85 129 258 369 443 516 664

Hex Nuts: Standard Height

Torques M12-M24 ± 10%, M30... +30/-0%

  M12 M14 M16 M20 M24 M30 M36 M42
Nm 65 115 175 250 350 500 600 700
lb-ft 48 85 129 184 258 369 443 516

Hex Nuts: Low Height

All Torques ± 10%

  M12   M16 M20 M24 M30    
Nm 60   125 200 275 350    
lb-ft 44   92 148 203 258    

Spanner Nuts

All Torques ± 10%

  M17 M25 M35 M45 M55 M65 M75 M85
Nm 50 120 250 500 600 700 800 900
lb-ft 37 89 184 369 443 516 590 664

After initial torque move machine through full range of motion several times and recheck torque. Check the torque after 10 hours, 40 hours and at regular service intervals to ensure proper seating of the sleeves.


Ensure that there is a minimum distance of 0,5 mm (.02”) between the washer and the lug. ATTENTION! If the washer is in contact with the lug contact your dealer or Expander System.

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