Performance Services

Performance Services

Our global chain of services

When you work with the Nord-Lock Group, you get much more than our innovative bolting solutions. We add value throughout your project and make sure that your selected bolting application pays back multiple times.

Nord-Lock Performance Services will assist you in identifying ways in which your company can increase its competitiveness. A Performance Services project can be initiated to solve a specific problem or to create an overview of possible improvements. Each project is designed to meet your specific needs and we can investigate current applications as well as future designs to find the most suitable solutions. We perform Junker test up to M48.

Our skilled engineers can create a complete overview of the bolted joints and related installation/maintenance routines in your company, application or process and thereby find possibilities to improve reliability, to rationalize and increase profitability. The project results are presented and exemplified from the Return of Investment (ROI) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) perspectives.


Utilising our unique knowledge and tools, we can assist you in generating a complete and detailed design view of your bolted connections and securing methods. Our many years of experience enables us to evaluate any reliability issues along with providing cost justification. The entire purpose is to increase your applications’ profitability and productivity, along with other total cost savings derived from optimized bolted joints.

We have several tools available to ensure that you get the most cost-effective solution. However, the best way to achieve reliability and cost optimization is through a mutual discussion, so that we can learn about your specific challenge.

Whether you are facing a specific bolting challenge or are considering an upgrade to your current solution, we will be able to assist you.

Design and Production

The Nord-Lock Group is constantly developing cutting edge bolting technology and our engineers can work with you to solve your unique bolting challenges by designing a product that will meet your needs.

Thanks to our close cooperation with customers, we have successfully solved millions of bolting challenges across industries and national borders and ensured their excellent record of safety and reliability.

Custom design products

Custom products can be designed and manufactured quickly, to ensure that your downtime is minimized and your equipment is back up and running safely and efficiently. From Split-Nut Thrust Collars, to tamper resistant tensioners, our customers needs drive the creation of newly patented products and result in the Nord-Lock Group being the world leader in bolting optimization.

Joint calculation and characterization

Because we work closely with our customers to ensure their excellent record of safety and reliability, each project is designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. We analyze and optimize bolted connections with our unique knowledge and tools to deliver effective solutions.

Verification in our in-house laboratory

Nord-Lock Technical Centres are located in Europe, North America and Asia. Our skilled engineers are always ready to perform technical testing and verification for your bolted connection analysis.

For more information on services available through our technical centers, please see Technical Support.

Real-life testing and validation at your site

Our skilled engineers can perform a thorough investigation of your bolted connections, including real-life tests and/or validation at your site. We also offer installation support and on-site training, see Aftermarket.


Whether you are an operator, supervisor, or engineer, we can assist you and increase your knowledge though on-site or remote product training. We can also help you with installation support, as well as service and retrofitting. Some examples of available services are shown below, however; we can also offer custom training and support tailored to your specific needs.

Installation support

You too can profit from our expertise for the installation of your Nord-Lock Group products. Our trained staff can provide the following services:

  • Support of your staff during installation
  • Installation training of your staff
  • Complete installation of bolted connections (Note: Installations performed by Nord-Lock Group are subject to contract)