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We hope you’ll be satisfied with everything that you order from us, but if something isn’t quite right, please contact our customer service via email at shop@nord-lock.com and they will help you with a return.

What are the advantages of using Nord-Lock washers, and what difference would it make for tightening technique?

When you use a pair of Nord-Lock washers correctly, they lock your bolted joint and prevent it from rotating loose. The locking is not affected by lubrication. You can continue to use the same tightening method. If you use torque tightening and change to Nord-Lock washers, please go to our website to look at the torque guidelines.

Do you have any tests comparing my current locking method with Nord-Lock?

Please see the Junker video on our how it works page. The test is called the Junker vibration test and it is considered the most severe vibration test for bolted connections. If you are using other methods shown in this video, please contact Nord-Lock by email.

Are there different washers for different thread pitches of a screw?

Nord-Lock washers will work with Metric standard and fine threaded bolts. If you use inch bolts, they will work with standard, fine threaded and extra fine threaded bolts. They will not work with bolts which have a high pitch.

Is it possible to use steel washers with stainless steel screws and vice versa?

No, the stainless-steel washers are optimized for stainless steel screws, and steel washers are optimized for steel screws, we do not recommend any other combination.

Do the washers work together with galvanized bolts?

Yes. If you use galvanized bolts you should use Nord-Lock steel washers.

Do the washers work with a 12.9 bolt?

Yes. The Nord-Lock original steel washers work with the most common bolt grades including 12.9 bolts.

Are the Nord-Lock products traceable?

Yes, all Nord-Lock washers are laser marked with the Nord-Lock brand name, control number and a type code. This ensures that all our customers receive genuine Nord-Lock washers and enables full traceability down to the raw material charge at the steel mill.

Can the washers be reused, and if so, how many times?

Yes, but how many times depends on a lot of factors such as environment, pre-load, external forces etc. You should always inspect the washers prior to re-installation. Look at the cams and serrations and if they are not too worn they can be re-used. It is important to re-install the washers correctly, cam-face against cam-face. Watch this video for more information.

Can I use lubrication with Nord-Lock washers?

Yes, you can. We recommend that lubricant is used together with the washers. Nord-Lock washers use tension and not friction to prevent the screws from rotating loose, so it is not affected by lubrication. For best results, lubricate both the screw thread and under the screw head.

What parts of the Nord-Lock washers should I lubricate?

You don’t have to use lubrication just because you use Nord-Lock washers. But the right lubrication will give you more control of the achieved preload. We recommend you lubricate on the threads and under the bolt head or nut.

What impact does lubrication have on the locking method of the washers?

A lubricant gives you less deviation in friction and lower friction in general, which means you can tighten with a lower tightening torque and get smaller deviation in the achieved preload. A smaller deviation means you can utilise more of the bolts' capacity. The lubrication will not affect the locking function of the Nord-Lock washers.

Will Nord-Lock washers work on a slotted or oversized hole?

Yes they will, as long as the contact surface can carry the load. Please use Nord-Lock washers with the larger outer diameter. In the dimension list they are called sp washers. E.g. NL10 is the standard outer diameter for an M10 bolt and the one with the larger outer diameter is called NL10sp. It is recommended to use a flanged fastener (screw or nut) together with the sp washers for better load distribution. If you use a non-flanged fastener, you run the risk of deforming the washer, which could result in breakage.

What is the difference between NL12 and NL12 sp washers?

NL12 washers have a standard outer diameter and fit into a counter bored hole. NL12sp washers have a larger outer diameter and fit with a flange nut or bolt.

What tightening torque should I use with Nord-Lock washers?

It depends on bolt size and bolt grade, as well as whether you use lubricant and what type of lubricant you use. Nord-Lock has torque guidelines on its website, where you also can download a web app for torque calculations. You can also contact Nord-Lock for a personalised service.

Do I need to change my tightening torque if I start using Nord-Lock washers?

Yes. If you change from a plain washer to a pair of Nord-Lock washers you should increase the tightening torque as Nord-Lock add frictions underneath the head of the bolt. Please review the torque guidelines on our website for more information.

Do the washers work on painted surfaces?

Yes, they do work in most cases. However, if the layer of paint is very thick, the Nord-Lock washer will not reach the metal underneath the paint, and the locking capacity of the bolted joint will depend on how well the paint is attached to the metal. In some cases, the paint is very hard and cracks, causing it to become a “plain washer” underneath the Nord-Lock washer, which will not work. If you are going to use Nord-Lock washers on painted surfaces, we recommend you inspect the joint after the installation and look for eventual cracks.

Can I use the washers on plastics and composite materials?

Usually you can, but it depends on what type of plastic or composite material you use. It is recommended to perform tests first, in order to make sure it will work. Sometimes you also need to use Nord-Lock washers with a larger outer diameter to distribute the load over a larger area.

Do the washers work with aluminum?

Yes, they work on aluminum. 

Do the washers work with hard materials?

For the Nord-Lock steel washers, the contact material can have a maximum hardness of 465 HV. For the Nord-Lock stainless steel washers, the maximum hardness is 520 HV.

What is the function of the glue?

The glue is there to facilitate installation and to make sure the pair of Nord-Lock washers are mounted correctly the first time. 

What is Delta Protekt®?

Delta Protekt® is as zink flake coating which increases the corrosion resistance of iron and steel.

What is 254 SMO®?

254 SMO® is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel developed for use in seawater and other chloride rich environments. It offers greater corrosion resistance than most other austenitic stainless steels. You can use it with your A2-70, A4-80 or other common bolt grades.

How do I know that you have received my order?

Make sure to follow all the steps in the checkout process to complete your order. After you have placed your order, you’ll reach our order confirmation page. You will automatically receive a confirmation email detailing the items you ordered and the payment method.

Can I cancel my order after I have placed it?

The time frame for cancellations vary from order to order. Please contact us as soon as possible through our contact form and we will try to cancel the order for you. If we are unable to cancel you order, we will send you a return slip and you can return your order free of charge. 

Can I amend my order after I have placed it?

We always try to process your order as fast as possible, which means we are unable to make any changes once it has been placed. This includes changing the delivery address, delivery option or payment method. However, you may be able to cancel your order and place a new one instead. The time frame for cancellations vary from order to order. Please contact us at shop@nord-lock.com and we will do our best to help. 

I have a discount code, where do I enter it?

Place all the products you wish to purchase in the shopping cart. When checking out, enter the discount code in the field “Promo Code” and we’ll apply the discount to your purchase. You will see the sum deducted from the total cost and the final payable amount at the checkout.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard or JCB. All payments will be authorised by the card hold before an order is confirmed. 

When will my card be charged by Nord-Lock?

If your card is authorised, payment will be taken immediately and you will procced to our order confirmation page. If your card is not authorised, payment will not be taken, and we will inform you that the bank or card issuer didn't authorise the payment. Please remember that even if a payment isn't authorised, it may look like the money has been taken from your account, as some card issuers may still reserve the money for a short period of time.

Will my parcel be charged customs and import charges?

You may be charged for handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs. Any charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel (this also applies to retail & wholesale customers). Nord-Lock has no control over these charges and we are unable to inform you of the costs beforehand, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. You may want to contact your local customs office for current charges before you order to avoid being surprised by unexpected charges. 

How do I return an order?

If you wish to return an order, please contact us at shop@nord-lock.com and we will assist you. Nord-Lock always offers free returns and free exchanges. If you're unsure about which washer to order, please visit our Washer selector guide, which you can find here or read more on how it works.

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