Nord-Lock combi bolt washers – simplify assembly and service

With our new combi bolt washers you can improve assembly efficiency, accuracy and safety while at the same time keeping inventory and part count at a minimum. Field service is simplified and the risk of human error is significantly reduced.

Nord-Lock combi bolt washers are available in size NL5, NL6, NL8, NL10, NL10sp and NL12. The washers use Nord-Lock’s proven wedge-locking technology, but are designed for combi bolts. A combi bolt, also called a SEMS bolt, has a permanently attached washer or set of washers.

The concept of bolts with captivated washers brings several advantages to assembly lines and MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) settings in many industries. Loose parts damaging or shutting down assembly lines during manufacturing or maintenance can be very costly. With Nord-Lock combi bolt washers on your SEMS bolt, you can rest assured that your parts are not only safely secured, but also correctly assembled. Furthermore, SEMS bolts are easy-to-use in field operations, as well as in confined spaces or areas where access is difficult.

“Many customers have asked for bolts with captive washers. We have previously offered it as a special item. By creating a standard range we reduce time and cost for our customers when implementing this solution.”Says Lars Christensson, Business Development Director of Nord-Lock Group.