Combi Bolt Washers

Nord-Lock killåsningsteknik säkrar skruvförband som utsätt för kraftiga vibrationer och dynamiska belastningar. Du får ett 100% säkert skruvförband som aldrig kommer lossna ofrivilligt tack vare kilen som skapas under skruvskallen och muttern.

Combi bolt washers

Nord-Lock combi bolt washers are specifically designed to be permanently attached to a bolt (SEMS), providing an additional layer of security to applications.

The standard range of Nord-Lock combi bolt washers consists of NL5 - NL12 in steel material. Complete combi bolts, including Nord-Lock combi bolt washers, are offered in co-operation with a local bolt manufacturer. 


Proven wedge-locking technology

The washers are developed based on our proven wedge-locking technology but have a reduced inner diameter preventing them from falling off the bolt after the thread is added.


  • Ensures faster product assembly, thanks to pre-assembled parts
  • Decreases failures related to human error, incorrect mounting or forgetting to put on the washers
  • Facilitates product assembly of very small sizes
  • Allows maintenance and repairs in areas that are difficult to reach or of limited access
  • Facilitates inventory and logistical savings due to reduced number of items
  • Faster and easier disassembly, as loose washers can be difficult to remove, especially from counter bore holes

Testing & Certification

Nord-Lock combi bolt washers have been rigorously tested and approved by the Nord-Lock engineering team. The standard range of Nord-Lock combi bolt washers are ready to be shipped to you for testing/evaluation. Combi bolt washers in other sizes, metric and UNC, with standard diameter or enlarged outer diameter (sp) as well as washers in other materials are offered upon request. 


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