Load-Sensing Flexnut

Load-Sensing Flexnut

Superbolt, multi-jackbolt germe (MJT) teknolojisiyle somunlarda ve cıvatalarda devrim yapan dünyanın ilk ürünüydü. Teknolojimiz, o günden bu yana on binlerce başarılı montajda kendini kanıtladı. Hala cıvatalama alanındaki yeni nesil zorlukların üstesinden gelen birçok çözüm geliştirmeye devam ediyoruz.

Where innovation and flexibility meet

The Superbolt Load-Sensing Flexnut (LSF) is the newest addition to our Load-Sensing portfolio/SMART family of products, pairing next-level innovation with incredible flexibility.

The LSF’s built-in sensors automatically measure and communicate preload values, allowing for seamless remote monitoring; and this SMART product can be used in conjunction with any type of tightening method (tensioning, torquing, heating, etc.).

Superbolt LSF as a counter nut on the reactive side

Can be used in conjunction with any type of bolting method!

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Benefits of the LSF

  • Measures preload with an accuracy that is better than ±5%
  • Reduces stress concentration of threads
  • Easy to operate, no advanced training needed
  • Both local and remote monitoring options
  • Robust and reliable, IP67 classed