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Oh what a waste!

31 March 2012

Text: Nic Townsend

photo: Biffa Waste services ltd

Nord-Lock wheel nuts fitted on trucks

First published in Bolted #1 2012.

Customer: Biffa Waste services Ltd
Model: Fitted to all Mercedes refuse collection trucks
Waste collected: 30 million Tonnes every year
Number of trucks in the Fleet: +2,000
Number of wheel nuts in Fleet: 20,000

Once we throw something away in the bin, most of us have the luxury of not having to give it another thought. But this is only because companies like Biffa have become so efficient at collecting, disposing and recycling everyone else’s waste.

Over the past 90 years, Biffa has grown from a family business that collected ash from coal-fired power stations in London, into the leading nationwide integrated waste management business, providing collection, treatment, recycling and technologically-driven energy generation services. Helping to transport all this waste, Biffa has over 2,000 trucks, transporting in excess of 30 million tonnes of waste every year. Earlier this year, after extensive trials, Biffa decided to fit Nord-Lock wheel nuts to all its Mercedes trucks. Now Biffa intends to fit Nord-Lock to all its vehicles, across all models.

Previously, Biffa’s trucks used another brand on their hub caps. However, these were bulky and did not fit all vehicles. Nord-Lock wheel nuts, on the other hand, are the same size as standard wheel nuts, and significantly more secure. They also fit all types of vehicles.

The switch was driven by Biffa’s key focus on health and safety and its belief that all accidents can be avoided when the appropriate plans and controls are in place. As an added benefit, Nord-Lock wheel nuts are also cheaper to source than the locking wheel nuts they were currently using, thus delivering significant savings to the business.

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