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New size of Nord-Lock wheel nut now available

The Nord-Lock wheel nut product range has now expanded to include the 7/8”-11 BSF (British standard fine thread) nut of grade 10, in addition to the previously released M22 version. Nord-Lock wheel nuts safely secure wheels on heavy vehicles and the product will not loosen by itself. The nut incorporates a pair of captivated Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers, recognized globally for their ability to withstand vibration and dynamic loads. A Nord-Lock wheel nut maintains high clamping force even under extreme operating conditions. The nut is pre-lubricated and easy to use. It is fully reusable and designed for flat-faced steel rims.

Check out the Nord-Lock wheel nuts technical specification here

“The Nord-Lock wedge-locking products we develop are to be used were failure is not an option. When expanding the range we do so with the safety of drivers and passengers and the general public in mind. We know that there are wheel loosening incidents on the roads and with this product we offer a simple and cost effective way to solve the problem for good. Using Nord-Lock wheel nuts increases productivity as it reduces re-tightening and maintenance. Besides on-road operators and vehicle owners, the long-term cost saving aspects makes the product relevant also for any off-road vehicles. It is a natural step to offer the Nord-Lock wheel nut in size 7/8”-11 as it is a commonly used size.” says Pär Hägglund, Product Manager of Nord-Lock.

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