Superbolt was de eerste ter wereld die, met de multi-jackbolt tensioner technologie, een revolutie teweegbracht op het gebied van bouten en moeren. Sindsdien wordt deze technologie succesvol toegepast op tienduizenden installaties. Natuurlijk blijven we nieuwe oplossingen ontwikkelen voor de boutbevestigingen van morgen.

Customized Solutions

We have made specials up to 1500mm diameter and products for operating temperatures of 700°C (1292ºF). We have also developed a series specially  for specific industries.

Our customized solutions can can also be developed from pre-designed solutions, combine several technologies or be integrated with design of other parts.

We share our experience, knowledge and creativity to help our clients achieve the outstanding results they require. All Superbolt products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and perform rigorous testing to ensure that they perform to your specifications.


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