Performance Services


Whether you are an operator, supervisor, or engineer, we can assist you and increase your knowledge though on-site or remote product training. We can also help you with installation support, as well as service and retrofitting. Some examples of available services are shown below, however; we can also offer custom training and support tailored to your specific needs.

Superbolt installation support

You too can profit from our expertise for installation of your Superbolt tensioners. Our trained staff can provide the following service:

  • Support of your staff during installation
  • Installation training of your staff
  • Complete installation of bolted connections (Note: Installations performed by Nord-Lock are subject to contract).


Nord-Lock E-learning

We have an e-learning system, currently including courses on the Nord-Lock washers. Product training ensures maximum safety for bolted connections and thereby prevents machinery failures, production stoppages, human injuries and more. By learning about the products and the principle behind, as well as and correct assembly techniques, you can be assured that your applications will be safeguarded. Go to Nord-Lock E-learning. Note that the e-learning site requires that you are / become an approved user, either by applying on the site or by contacting your local Nord-Lock office.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you achieve successful operation over time.