Technical support

Since 1982, the Nord-Lock Group has been providing high quality solutions to an extensive range of industries. We are the trusted experts in bolt securing and optimization. You can rely on us to give our full attention to your needs and solve the bolting challenges your applications face.

Technical support is readily available through our Technical Centers, which is a part of the Nord-Lock Performance Services. The Technical Centers are complemented with the experience and competent skills of our engineers. Customized tests and analyses can be performed at our centers, and our engineers can also visit your site for real-life testing or to provide product training.

Support materials such as product brochures and installation manuals are available for your reference at our Download center.

Nord-Lock Technical Centers

Our skilled and innovative engineers are always ready to help, review and discuss your applications in order to optimize the design of your bolted connections. Our Technical Centers are equipped with advanced systems and many companies take advantage of the wide array of services we offer.

Competences available through the Nord-Lock Technical Center:

  • Technical expertise on bolted applications
  • Evaluation of bolt locking / tightening methods
  • Cost calculations / ROI analysis
  • Bolted joints analysis (VDI2230)
  • Validation of joints and fasteners
  • Torque calculations
  • Customer specific product development
  • Torque / load relationship
  • Verification of friction conditions
  • Vibration tests


Nord-Lock Technical Centers are located in Europe, North America and Asia.

For more information and technical inquiry, please email us today at