Advantages of Superbolt tensioners

Superbolt bolt style multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJT) take the high preload requirements and breaks it down into manageable torques using the jackbolts threaded through the nut body. They remain easy to install, even on larger sizes, compared to standard hex bolts.

torque curve chart

Superbolt tensioners offer many benefits when compared to other common bolting methods. They are fast, safe and easy to use!

  • Tremendous clamping force available.
  • Low torque requirement – only hand tools needed.
  • Safe method for installation personnel.
  • Reduces installation time over common methods.
  • Tightens stud/bolts in pure tension.
    – No thread galling.
    – No need for tight tolerance threads which can seize.
    – Studs will not seize into housing.
  • Fits in restricted areas.
  • Provides even tension from stud to stud.
  • Accurate within 10% of specified bolt tension.
  • Ease of removal.