Boltight has been at the forefront of hydraulic bolt tensioning for over a decade. Our tensioning tools provide fast, accurate and safe solutions to tighten and loosen multiple bolts simultaneously.


Boltight Typhoon+ tensioners have been developed to meet the technical and environmental demands of the wind energy market where high bolt load and restricted access applications are common challenges.

The robust design ensures reliability during the frequent and repeated use necessary on wind turbine projects on and offshore. For low radial clearance applications.

Improves the ease of use and removes the need for any manual input. Fast automatic spring return design using a single reaction allowing a full return to zero stroke piston retraction. 

The latest design eases seal changeouts and enhances general performance throughout high cycle usage.

Internal fail-safe technology to keep the tensioner on the bolt in the event of puller bar failure. Over-stroke prevention removes the possibility of over-stroking the pistons. Supplied with an over-stroke indicator.

High-grade material puller bar to maximize cycle life and allow long service intervals, not restricted by a fixed number of cycles.

Improved spring-loaded auto engagement gear-driven nut rotating socket with a geared drive needs low maintenance making the Typhoon+ tensioner user-friendly. 

Typhoon+ has Boltight’s unique surface finish as standard which provides long-lasting protection in harsh and hard working environments.


  • Port guard handle 
  • Nipple Coupling configurations 
  • Cycle Counter

Frequently asked questions

Are Typhoon+ tensioners corrosion resistant?

Yes, they have a layer of corrosion resistance from nitride external coating for added durability.

Can you over-stroke the tensioners?

No, they have over-stroke prevention technology.

What Pressure does the Typhoon+ range work at?​

The maximum working pressure is 1350bar.

Can you use the Typhoon+ with standard 1500 bar hydraulic ancillary items?

​Yes, you can the Typhoon+ works at a maximum of 1350 bar but the quick connections are rated to 1500 bar and you would use 1500 bar hoses. Be sure not to go over 1350 bar pressure.

What do I need to rotate the gearbox puller?

A 1/2" square drive ratchet.

Can you use multiple Typhoon+ tensioners in series?

​Yes, if your tensioner has only a single nipple connection then you can use interconnecting hoses to link tensioners together, or if your tensioners have twin nipple/coupling connections then you can link the tensioners with standard hoses.

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