Plunging to New Depths

In its quest to be the world’s leading service provider for the exploration and extraction of natural resources, Fugro has had to overcome all the world’s natural barriers. With its world class ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) even the deepest oceans are within its reach.

The FCV 3000 has been built to perform a wide variety of tasks whilst being able to withstand all the rigours of the deep-sea. From construction support for offshore oil and gas rigs to subsea pipeline inspection, marine growth surveys to debris clearance and recovery operations, and many other tasks.

Such a multifunctional vessel needs to be taken care of, and LARS (Launch and Recovery System) performs the vital task of launching the FCV3000 into the ocean.

Due to the vibration of the vessel, loosening of fasteners on the motion damper is a potential problem, and due to the height of LARS, crew cannot tighten them easily. However, since switching to the Nord-Lock bolt securing system, Fugro has been able to eliminate this risk completely, allowing the FCV3000 to operate unhindered.

Customer: Fugro Subsea Technologies
Model: FCV 3000
Speed: 3.5 knots
Power: 150 hp
Depth rating: 3,000 msw
Length: 3 metres
Width: 1.7 metres
Weight: 4.1 tons

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