Faster transport for heavy machinery

Excavators are a vital piece of machinery for any mine, but for all their horsepower, they are incredibly slow and cumbersome to move. In fact, 15 percent of their time is spent travelling, and this enforced downtime means lost income.

However, with a relatively simple yet unique solution, Sleipner has revolutionised excavator logistics, reducing travel time by 70 percent.

The E550, Sleipner’s biggest carrier, can transport excavators weighing up to 565 tonnes. Traditionally, Sleipner has used welded frames. However, in order to increase loading capacity they needed to find a more secure connection. They elected to use Nord-Lock washers as these were able to withstand the heavy loads without loosening.

With customers all over the world, carriers are often sent to isolated places with limited resources, such as the Australian outback or the far north of Finland. For this reason, Sleipner uses Superbolt tensioners to connect the wheels to the frame as using a fastener that can be tightened with standard hand tools is a huge advantage when working in remote areas with no power supply.

Customer: Sleipner Finland Oy
Product: E550
Loading capacity: 565 tonnes
Wheel diameter: 2.7 metres
Width: 5.4 metres
Weight: 80.5 tonnes
Tyres: 8