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Joint Guide

Tapped holes 
Nord-Lock X-series washers safely lock the bolt against the underlying surface. 

The outer diameter of Nord-Lock X-series washers is designed for counterbore holes (i.e., the washers fit under the head of standard bolts). 

As for all locking washers, through-holes require two pairs of Nord-Lock X-series washers — one pair for securing the bolt and a second pair for securing the nut. 

Stud bolts
Nord-Lock X-series washers safely lock the nut on stud bolts and eliminate the need for adhesives. 

Applications with large / slotted holes
To optimize the load distribution for applications with large/slotted holes, use a flanged nut/bolt together with Nord-Lock X-series “SP” washers with enlarged outer diameter. 

Designs where Nord-Lock X-series washers are not recommended:

  • Mating surfaces that are not locked in place (see left figure)
  • Mating surfaces harder than the washers
  • Wooden mating surfaces
  • Non-preloaded joints 

Selection Guide

Nord-Lock X-series washers are currently available in the following material:

Application parameter: Steel
Steel type: EN 1.7225 or equivalent
Examples of applications: General steel applications
Washer types: Regular outer diameter  
Enlarged outer diameter
Treatment surface coating: Through hardened Delta Protekt® base coat (KL100) and top coat (VH302GZ)
Corrosion resistance: Minimum 1,000 hours in salt spray test (according to IS09227)
Bolt grades: 8.8 and 10.9
Temperature range:

-40°C to 150°C
Temperature recommendations based on information from the raw material supplier. Locking function not affected within the specification.


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