Getting from A to B has never been simple

Ever since mankind discovered the principal of the wheel, we have developed and devised new means of transportation. We can travel over water, under water, over mountains, around the world and even into space.

Many modes of transport operate in extreme conditions and temperatures, and are subjected to dynamic loads and constant vibration. Safety is largely dependent on everything staying together, and that in turn relies on safe, secure fasteners that can withstand all demands.

Today, Nord-Lock Group products are applied in a wide variety of transportation modes. Nord-Lock washers utilize anti-vibration technology in order to safely secure a bolt joint – even when exposed to spontaneous bolt loosening and slackening.

If you’re facing wheel loosening on heavy vehicles, our Nord-Lock wheel nuts are specially designed to maintain high clamping force, even under extreme operating conditions. From offering an effective lightweight solution for space satellites, to safe and secure wheel nuts for heavy duty vehicles – we have the safe bolting solution for you.

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