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Whether you are looking for an easy method to calculate torque or a quick way to find fastener dimensions – we have the solutions for you. Nord-Lock Group web applications allow you to access the information you need directly from your mobile device – so instead of worrying about bringing the correct documents to site, you can concentrate on solving bolting challenges.

Torquelator by Nord-Lock

Need an easy way to calculate preload and torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock washers? Torquelator is a simple solution to help you achieve safe bolted joints!

Simply select your prefered calculation method (Kellermann&Klein or VDI2230), bolt size (metric or imperial), bolt grade and lubricant to get an instant torque value.

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Fastener Dimension Guide

Looking for a simple way to find fastener dimensions based on ISO standards? The Fastener Dimension Guide helps you gather fastener data directly from your mobile device while performing bolted joint calculations!

To find the fastener standard you need, select the ISO standard (ISO 4014, ISO 4017, ISO 4035, ISO 4762), bolt size and screw length. 

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