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Are disc spring washers effective
against bolt loosening?

Spring washers, also called disc springs or conical washers, use spring loads to create axial flexibility. This counteracts settlements and maintains an initial level of preload.

The washers are installed between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface. Spring washers mechanical capabilities rely on the shape of the material. When subject to load, the washer undergoes elastic deformation, and then returns to the pre-deflected shape. They can be stacked, so deflection and load capacity can vary without materially affecting the forces. The forces created by the washers can differ depending on the thickness of the material, curve and size - meaning that the operator can customize the spring loads used.

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Are you still experiencing bolt loosening?

The biggest challenge for a bolted joint, causing it to lose preload and fail, is spontaneous loosening. Vibrations are everywhere.

This video shows all 5 nuts rotated loose!
A steep decline in the graph indicates a failure.

This Junker test shows all 5 nuts rotated loose! 

(The Junker test is the most severe vibration test for bolted connections. The bolted joint is exposed to transverse movements underneath the bolt head or nut, while the clamping force is continuously measured.) 
The effectiveness of different locking methods can easily be compared.

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