Although many issues affect compressors in downstream oil & gas environments, vibration, leakage, and corrosion are certainly at the top of the list. Nord-Lock Group has significant experience in compressor applications, as numerous compressors already incorporate our cutting-edge solutions.

Common issues


Severe vibration and dynamic loads cause bolted joints to loosen and slacken – a frequent problem in oil and gas operations, given these environments are known for extreme temperatures and/or corrosion. Nord-Lock Group solutions prevent bolts from loosening, which increases operational reliability, reduces unplanned production interruptions, and lowers maintenance costs.


Leakage is an all-too familiar issue in the oil & gas industry – including with heat exchangers. These leaks can result in serious problems, negatively impacting safety, quality, and environmental aspects. But, despite its prevalence, leakage is not a “necessary evil” in the downstream environment. Many of the world’s leading oil & gas companies have called on Nord-Lock Group’s proven solutions for leak-free (and worry-free) connections.

Corrosion of Fasteners

Many refineries are located in coastal regions where corrosion, rust, and exposure to chemicals threaten secure connections. Nord-Lock Group provides state-of-the-art solutions for even the harshest environments. 

Our broad range of fastening solutions incorporates a wide variety of tough materials, including options treated with corrosion-resistant coatings to stand the test of time.

Weakened/Loosened Connections

Loosened or weakened bolts can result from improper tightening or problems associated with soft contact surfaces. Nord-Lock Group solutions solve these common issues with our industry-leading technologies – including Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers and cutting-edge Superbolt and Boltight tensioning products, all of which prohibit unintentional loosening.

Case studies

Compressor (Superbolt)

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