Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

Some of the most common challenges with heat exchangers include leakage, corrosion, thermal cycling, and loosened connections. Nord-Lock Group’s proven solutions have solved a range of heat exchanger issues for many of the world’s leading oil & gas companies.

Common issues


Unfortunately, leakage is a familiar issue in the oil & gas industry – including with heat exchangers. These leaks can result in serious problems, negatively impacting safety, quality, and environmental aspects. But, despite its prevalence, leakage is not a “necessary evil” in the downstream environment. Many of the world’s leading oil & gas companies have called on Nord-Lock Group’s proven solutions for leak-free (and worry-free) connections.

Corrosion of Fasteners

A number of refineries are located in coastal regions where corrosion, rust, and exposure to chemicals threaten secure connections. Nord-Lock Group provides state-of-the-art solutions for even the harshest environments. 

Our broad range of fastening solutions incorporates a wide variety of tough materials, including options treated with corrosion-resistant coatings to stand the test of time.  

Thermal Cycling

Material expansion and contraction occurs during thermal cycling and can lead to loss of preload in bolted connections. Superbolt tensioners, however, secure bolted joints against loosening and compensate for loss of preload due to settlement and relaxation.

Loosened Connections Caused by Dynamic Loads

Severe vibration and dynamic loads cause secure bolted joints to loosen and slacken, which is a frequent problem with operations in harsh oil and gas environments. Nord-Lock Group solutions prevent bolts from loosening, which boosts operational reliability, reduces unplanned production interruptions, and lowers maintenance costs.

Fatigue Life of Fasteners

Between 80 to 90% of fastener breaks are caused by or related to fatigue. Fasteners subjected to fluctuating stresses and strains develop cracks that can eventually lead to catastrophic failures. Nord-Lock Group offers high-quality products to prevent fatigue, including Nord-Lock washers in five different surface-hardened materials, safely securing all grades of fasteners.

Case studies

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Heat Exchanger Head (Superbolt)

Plate/Deck Heat Exchanger (Nord-Lock)

Heat exchanger (Boltight)


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