Reactor covers

Reactor covers

It is critical to secure and contain the chemical contents of reactors, but numerous issues – such as corrosion and leakage – threaten the integrity of this need. A majority of the world’s top oil & gas companies incorporate Nord-Lock Group’s industry-leading solutions for securing reactor covers.

Common issues


Securing and containing the chemical contents of reactors is of vital importance. Nord-Lock Group provides state-of-the-art, proven solutions that keep a lid on your refinery’s hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hydrodesulfurization, and catalytic processes.

Corrosion of Fasteners

Nord-Lock Group’s corrosion-resistant solutions are ideal for demanding reactor cover applications. No matter the environment, Superbolt tensioners are available with plenty of product-enhancing options to keep things protected – helping to keep corrosion at bay. Additionally, our Nord-Lock washers are made from a wide variety of materials, and many are treated to withstand a minimum 1000 hours in a salt spray test per ISO 9227.

Weakened/Loosened Connections

Severe vibration and dynamic loads cause reactor cover bolts to loosen, which can introduce contaminants to the chemical reaction process and expose equipment and personnel to harmful leaks and spills. Nord-Lock Group solutions prevent bolts from loosening, which increases operational reliability, reduces unplanned production interruptions, and lowers maintenance costs.

Case studies

Reactor (Superbolt)

Reactor Cover (Boltight)

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