X-series Washers

X-series Washers

Nord-Lock created the original wedge-locking technology that secures bolted joints, even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. It is impossible for our products to loosen unintentionally due to the wedge created underneath the bolt head and nut.

X-series Washers

The Nord-Lock X-series washers combine Nord-Lock wedge-locking with an innovative spring effect, offering the highest security against spontaneous bolt loosening and slackening.

This product is the optimum choice when you have both vibrations and applications with risk of slackening such as short clamp length, multiple clamped parts, gaskets, soft metals, plastic composites, coatings and thermal cycling.

Nord-Lock X-series steel washer promises the highest corrosion resistance in the market, it is tested at least 1,000 hours in the Neutral Salt Spray Test.


  • Prevents bolt loosening caused by vibration and dynamic loads
  • Compensates for loss of preload due to settlement and relaxation
  • One solution to cover multiple design challenges
  • Accurate preload with defined and uniform friction
  • Reusable and reduces number of parts in stock
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Increases operational reliability while reducing the risk of unplanned production stops, accidents, and warranty claims

Testing & Certification

Nord-Lock X-series washers have been rigorously tested and approved by independent institutes as well as certification authorities.

Nord-Lock X-series performs better than alternatives when compensating slackening in static conditions, and when preventing rotation of the fastener when the joint is exposed to vibration in the dynamic phase. 

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