X-series Washers

X-series Washers

Nord-Lock created the original wedge-locking technology that secures bolted joints, even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. It is impossible for our products to loosen unintentionally due to the wedge created underneath the bolt head and nut.

Joint Guide

Tapped holes 
Nord-Lock X-series washers safely lock the bolt against the underlying surface. 

The outer diameter of Nord-Lock X-series washers is designed for counterbore holes (i.e., the washers fit under the head of standard bolts). 

As for all locking washers, through-holes require two pairs of Nord-Lock X-series washers — one pair for securing the bolt and a second pair for securing the nut. 

Stud bolts
Nord-Lock X-series washers safely lock the nut on stud bolts and eliminate the need for adhesives. 

Applications with large / slotted holes
To optimize the load distribution for applications with large/slotted holes, use a flanged nut/bolt together with Nord-Lock X-series “SP” washers with enlarged outer diameter. 

Designs where Nord-Lock X-series washers are not recommended:

  • Mating surfaces that are not locked in place (see left figure)
  • Mating surfaces harder than the washers
  • Wooden mating surfaces
  • Non-preloaded joints 

Selection Guide

Nord-Lock X-series washers are currently available in the following material:

Application parameter: Steel
Steel type: EN 1.7225 or equivalent
Examples of applications: General steel applications
Washer types: Regular outer diameter  
Enlarged outer diameter
Treatment surface coating: Through hardened Delta Protekt® base coat (KL100) and top coat (VH302GZ)
Corrosion resistance: Minimum 1,000 hours in salt spray test (according to IS09227)
Bolt grades: 8.8 and 10.9
Temperature range:

-40°C to 150°C
Temperature recommendations based on information from the raw material supplier. Locking function not affected within the specification.


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