Load-Sensing Tensioner

Load-Sensing Tensioner

Superbolt var först i världen att revolutionera muttrar och skruvar med tekniken för multi-jackbolt tensioners. Sedan dess har vår teknik visat sin styrka i tiotusentals framgångsrika installationer, och vi fortsätter att utveckla nya lösningar för att lösa nästa generations skruvutmaningar.

Easy preload measurement

A true innovation in the field of preload monitoring, the Superbolt Load-Sensing Tensioner (LST) is among the first of Nord-Lock Group’s Industry 4.0 products.

Equipped with a strain-measuring device, the patented LST analyzes the variation of the tensioner’s circumference in proportion to the variation in bolt preload. Additionally, the LST offers remote monitoring and a live reading of data – all with an accuracy that is better than +/-5%!


In the same way we are now connecting to our home systems remotely, why wouldn’t industries do the same thing and connect to critical components to maintain them?

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Superbolt LST

Benefits of the LST:

  • Remote preload monitoring and a live reading of data
  • Facilitates more uptime during service
  • Precise and repeatable preload reading
  • Eliminates the need for modifications of the bolt
  • Seamless to retrofit/upgrade — simply replace original nut with the LST
  • Robust and reliable, IP67 classed
  • Accurate preload verification without adjustment of clamped parts
  • No alteration needed of the assembly (including stud or joint design or geometry)
  • Removes risk of injuries for operators in hazardous areas
  • Eliminates high costs on labor, additional measuring devices and periodic verification by maintenance



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