Solutions to meet any bolting requirements

We are showcasing our wide range of solutions including a new tool from Superbolt at Offshore Energy ‘18. Oil & Gas, offshore wind and marine energy are industries that need a wide array of bolting solutions to tackle everyday challenges. 

Whether you work far out at sea or deep beneath the ground, our solutions increase the lifetime of your applications and minimize downtime. One of the latest developments in the range from Nord-Lock Group is the ability to enable high-volume users of Superbolt tensioners to work even smarter. 

The new Superbolt Multi-Jackbolt Tightening Tool (MJTT) incorporates apatented torque-amplifying mechanism. This modular and mechanical solution allows the tightening of multiple jackbolts simultaneously, which can be of strong benefit for Original Equipment Manufacturers with a large quanity of Superbolt tensioners of the same size. 

Steve Brown, Product Manager within the Nord-Lock Group, explains: “This advanced tool allows efficient and accurate tightening of all jackbolts in a Superbolt assembly. It has been developed to provide additional value to some of our high-volume users of Superbolt”. The Nord-Lock Group is known for its vast expertise in the bolting industry. “The Superbolt MJTT is one more way in which we offer the optimal solution for our customers” concludes Brown. 

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