Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals

Feeding the world's economy

The economies of the industrialized world rely on the earth’s raw materials, but extracting them is no easy feat since they lie deep beneath the ground, buried in solid rock that has been undisturbed for aeons. Mines and quarries are riddled with large, heavy-duty machines built specifically for crushing and drilling through solid rock. Few machines are subjected to such demanding conditions, from extreme loads to constant vibrations. For some of these machines, strong vibrations aren’t a consequence of their operations – it is their operation.

In order to feed the world’s insatiable appetite for precious metals and minerals, the mining industry needs to be continuous. But for all their strength and durability, it can often be the smaller bolted joints that buckle first. This can create a number of practical and financial problems as mining equipment can’t afford to break down since every minute of downtime costs money.

The Nord-Lock Group prides itself in finding the most suitable solutions to your most pressing bolting challenges and can secure everything from tooling to the most critical and exposed joints. Our patented Expander pivot pin system ensures that your machines never have to suffer from long hours of downtime due to lug wear repair and our Nord-Lock wheel nuts eliminate the risk of wheel loosening on heavy vehicles. Whatever your bolting challenge, we will use our engineering expertise to solve it.

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