Nord-Lock Group

Our history

The Nord-Lock Group has been dedicated to safe bolting since 1982. Our expanding sales organization has subsidiaries located in Europe, US and Asia. Furthermore; we have a worldwide distribution network through sales partners and authorized distributors. The Nord-Lock Group is wholly owned by Investment AB Latour, a company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In 2011 the Nord-Lock Group acquired Superbolt Inc and P&S Vorspannsysteme AG (today Nord-Lock AG). In 2015, the Nord-Lock Group acquired Boltight Limited, a leading hydraulic bolt tensioning company. In 2016, the Nord-Lock Group acquired Expander System, an established company with the advanced solution to pivot wear.

These expansions bring together the most innovative and trusted bolt securing technologies in the world. The combined competence in our Group allows us to serve global customers with an impressive line-up of safe and cost effective solutions for critical applications.