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The rural rocket

27 March 2013

Text: David Wiles

photo: Lamborghini


First published in Bolted #1 2013.

Customer: Lamborghini
Displacement: 6,057 CC
Max torque: 851 Nm
Cylinders: 6
Power: 224 hp
Wheelbase: 2,817 mm

As you might expect from a vehicle emblazoned with the name Lamborghini, there’s nothing sluggish about the R6.VRT.190.

One of the new breed of “fast tractors”, this vehicle can reach speeds of 60 km/h, which is a full 20 km/h faster than standard agricultural vehicles.

Why the need for speed? For the farmer behind the wheel, every minute spent chugging along on the tarmac is a minute less being productive in the fields.

The move towards faster, more powerful tractors such as the R6.VRT.190 is driving the development of new braking systems, transmissions and, in particular, safety systems. When engineers at Lamborghini wanted to showcase the latest cutting edge safety developments at an international agricultural exhibition, they turned to Nord-Lock and its Safe Wheels concept.

The resulting vehicle, which featured technologies such as all-wheel braking, seat occupancy sensors and Nord-Lock’s locking wheel nuts, won a prize for its safety innovations.

Today all high-powered tractors from Lamborghini feature Nord-Lock wheel nuts as standard, guaranteeing that wheels won’t loosen, no matter how tough the terrain.

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