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Different sources need different methods, but reliability is always the key

Energy and power has become so essential to us that it’s now almost as important as air and water. Today it is generated from an increasing number of sources. From raw materials such as coal, natural gas or petroleum, to more recent methods involving natural elements including sun, air and sea.

What each of these methods share is a need for state-of-the-art machinery that can withstand enormous pressure in extreme conditions. No matter the size or the scope, every generator and turbine is riddled with bolted connections. Solutions that can be applied quickly and easily, offer huge advantages in terms of saving time and resources. Diminishing natural resources and demands for clean renewable energy also mean that we need to source power from increasing isolated and inaccessible locations.

Whether it’s far out to sea or deep beneath the ground, the benefits of secured bolted connections that do not require frequent retightening, are obvious. Just the fact of not having to visit to the site for checking/retightening often mean great savings. For this reason, Nord-Lock Group products can be found in countless applications including wind turbines, solar panels, steam powered generators, hydroelectric valves, irradiated areas and many others.

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