MT - Standard tensioner

Nut-style multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs) are an innovative bolting product that will eliminate expensive and dangerous tooling. Only hand/air tools are required to install or remove any size MJT.


MT tensioners are used on general mechanical applications. They can be used on high or medium strength bolts and studs and will fit in the same area as a heavy hex nut. The MT series features hex-head jackbolts.


Selection Guide:

  • MT – Standard nut-style tensioner
  • Dimension range: M16-M160 (3/4″ – 6″)
  • Approx. bolt stress depending on size: 450 to 700 N/mm2 (60 to 100 ksi)
  • Temperature range: -10 to 250ºC (0 to 500ºF)
  • Surface treatment: optional
  • Notes: Equivalent bolt-style tensioner is SB8