STCs offer a unique alternative for large press columns

The acquisition of Superbolt has brought a number of exciting and unique solutions into the Nord-Lock Group’s portfolio, one of which is the split-nut thrust collar (STC). This patented design is a new style of tensioner that makes it even easier to secure large threads and press columns. “This is a highly unique solution,” says Steve Busalacchi, Engineering Manager North America. “It is safe, accurate and effective, as well as quick and easy to apply.”

The STC consists of a threadless thrust collar with jackbolts threaded through, while a split-nut is fitted above the collar, and clamped together with small multi-jackbolt tensioners. Tension is created by the jackbolts as the collar thrusts against the threaded split-nut.

The combination of this unique design distributes the load along the threads, as well as allowing for greater tolerances of slight thread variations. STCs are much easier to handle, as well as to install and remove, compared to other threaded fasteners. Nor do they cause galling or seizing. Overall, they represent a perfect method for securing bolted press col­umns and large threads.


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