Nord-Lock låsbrickor med killåsningsteknik säkrar skruvförband som utsätts för kraftiga vibrationer och dynamiska belastningar. Du får ett säkert skruvförband som inte kommer lossna ofrivilligt tack vare kilen som skapas under skruvskallen och muttern.


Expect simpler assembly, fewer errors, and optimized efficiency with our combi nuts, combining a nut with a pair of captivated Nord-Lock original washers.

Combi nuts are ideal when a lack of accessibility in combination with loose parts make assembling and maintenance difficult. The advantages of the combi nut will streamline production for any manufacturer using serial assembly.

How it works

Each combi nut combines a nut with a pair of captivated Nord-Lock Original washers, with cam faces on one side and serrations on the other, giving rise to the wedge effect.

With movement only occurring across the cam faces, any rotation of the combi nut is blocked by the wedge effect of the cams.


  • Faster assembly
  • Reduced risk of incorrect assembly
  • Lower risk of parts coming loose
  • Easier disassembly and reassembly during maintenance
  • Less time required to maintain production
  • Cost savings through improved productivity


Testing & Certification

The Nord-Lock combi nuts are tested according to DIN 25201.